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Electronic Ladyland


The history of electronic music arguably starts with the patenting of the theremin in 1928, and Clara Rockmore was there from its inception to champion the instrument as both an important technological and artistic advancement. This mix highlights the brilliant, creative women who make (and made) electronic music and their innovations in techniques, programs, and tools to make new sounds possible. Best with headphones. Pictured: Laurie Spiegel.

18 tracks
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I thought about Suzanne Ciani, but I'm not her biggest fan. Got to think about mix flow too... But I'm glad you're into it nonetheless!

I understand. Documentaries are the best source for Ciani: I also don't care a great deal for her music output but my knees grow weak when she talks about sound oscillation... :) thanks for putting together this mix. I'll keep dipping my toes in til I get through the whole thing!