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the longing for impossible things

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(YULLEN HELL, BUDDY! WE ARE ALL TRASH!) OOh I loved the first one!!! So deep and cool and and marvelous!!! OMG ANGELS FROM THE XX!! I like Love Thy Brother's Remix of this song!! IS AMAZING!!! (They would be as in love with you as I am.....) I can't believe you put this here!!! Oh... the third one... Is so sad... It really defines what's happening on the manga... 553 is very honest, I liked that one also

@anon-100000558643171 for some reason the normal version of 8tracks isn't showing your full comment, but thank goodness I have mobile! Goodness, what a comment, I'm very flattered! I'm glad you liked it as much as I enjoyed making it :D I'm neck-deep in Yullen hell, which came back with a nasty vengeance when I started rewatching DGM in preparation for Hallow which is, so far, absolutely fantastic and I'm so ready to get my heart ripped out. Diminuedo, Long and Lost, and Already Gone are my personal favorites from this list... I was trying to capture the progress from fighting for each other to acceptance that it will always end in tragedy. Feel free to yell at me about Yullen more on my tumblr blog at dirigibleballoon! I'm always 110% ready to shout about my children. Thanks so much for the comment!