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truth of my youth

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hi hi hi! thank you for your nice comments by the wayy.. I'm so happy you like my mixes. I like yours. We both have a similarly-awesome taste in music I guess ;) Loved the Stills song and the rocket summer in this one. My good friend from Hamilton is coming down to Ottawa this week! I thought of you, since I once read that that's where you're from or something... and you know what? I'm going home on Sunday! Until June, oh my god, back to europe while you're still stuck in Canada.. which isnt that bad, I liked canada, but I also like being home. OHHHH this was interesting right? I don't even know why I'm telling you all this. I may or may not be a little high tho :D Anyways anyways I better shush now and forget about making this comment. Take care !! x)