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"I'm sleepless: you got me wide awake. I'm dreamless, my soul is yours to take."

A quick 10-track mix for Fen'harel and his Lavellan.

Kind of a bonus/add-on/intermission to the dubstep playlists I've been working on relating to the elven pantheon. Plus I'm such a sick masochist for this heartbreaking crap. Thanks Bioware.

For the elven pantheon playlists, check out my channel!

10 tracks
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@crowfens Thank you for crediting the artist! I have trouble tracking down the original source because a lot of the images I find are on pinterest.

@pretty-lush i follow her on tumblr so i recognized her style immediately, but if you can't find an artist's credit in the future try "reverse searching" the image on google. it will usually bring up something.