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The American Tragedy


Goodneighbor is your friend, and the undead are your family.
We'll take you to the edge, and turn your regret into agony.
And I'll never let you go, 'cause I know you'll come back to me:
I'm the reason you came here, I'm the american tragedy.

(Side note: slightly NSFW)

9 tracks
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I love this playlist so much! Plus that picture is perfect for the songs, what with that crooked grin and cigarette. Thanks for the music!

@town-of-spectres Bummer! What songs didn't show up for you? All the songs were uploaded from my private library so there shouldn't be any skips (due to soundtracks porting over issues that happen occasionally). Perhaps try listening from a different device? (If you were on your phone, try a computer, or vice versa).