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We found love where it wasn't supposed to be;


All the warnings, all the threats, all the fear they tried to instill into us...but we wouldn't let go. Not now, not ever.

A love story between a Jedi man & a Sith woman; going against their orders, against their masters, against their instincts. Because love conquers all, right? Maybe they could be the ones who can go above their true natures for each other.

Songs are set as a storyline. 1-11 is dedicated to the strength of a growing relationship between a Sith & a Jedi in a world that wants to tear them apart. 12-18 is the unfortunate breaking of bonds due to their natures and their orders.

Kind of just something my brain has been brewing up the past few days, very OOC to the canon, obv.

Featuring music from Halsey, Tonic, & Florence + The Machines.

18 tracks