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Dean's Cassette Box 1


(i have been curating this list of 250+ classic rock tunes since 2011. i can say from tried, tested and true experience that if you are going on a massive road trip across the country, this is the list to listen to. everything that dean winchester would play to to get him through long nights in that classic car of his.)


48 tracks
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oh my god i sleep to this alot, ive missed The House of the Rising sun every time. my head shot up when i heard the intro. i cant believe ive managed to miss it all the times ive listened to this playlist!!!!!!!!!

i love dean so much and it makes me really happy that we share music taste, dean is my favorite hes great. every time i hear wanted dead or alive i think of the scene where dean started singing and was getting sam to join in and theyre just in the impala smiling actually having taken a moment to forget all the shit they go through. my babies :')

And i just picture Dean staring at the road ahead with a determined look in his eyes while Sam snores quietly beside him help me