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i wanna do bad things with you


oh well well. would ya look at that. another fnaf playlist. and yes i am still shipping trash.


purpe guy x phone guy. this list still has a lot stupid love songs and shit. nothing special. enjoy.

19 tracks
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This one of the best shipping playlists and is my allllll time favorite! Partly for the ship and the amazing songs. Keep up the awesome work and you super cool :33

I listened to your other mix for these guys like three days ago and I've just listened to this and you've made me ship them god damn it! Your mixes are really really good though like seriously please don't ever stop.

@BritanniaFork i actually made someone ship this? so welcome to the trash shipping part of the internet. aww thank you. it's nice to hear people like these. and don't worry i'll continue to make these.