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Take me, take me, home.

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I flipped my shit at I just died in your arms tonight.And then amazingly every other song was fitting to the angst I feel for this and it's all so wonderful and fitting.Be proud

@Too-many-loops thank you so much. :) i am actually proud of this playlist and happy about how much love it has gotten. so thank you. it's glad to hear you like it :)

I screamed when (I just) died in your arms came on, and then again for Breezeblocks. This whole mix is so beautiful and you capture their relationship so well. this is really a beautiful mix m blown away how perfectly it fits and maintains a stable tone/theme.

@Zodiac-Attack it's nice to hear that i did well with this playlist. i was kinda unsure about making it at first,but now i'm happy that i did. i think the songs fitting the characters and capturing them is really important so i tried to do that. and hey thank you for all your nice comments on this, it's always nice to hear people love what i do. :)

This is easily my favorite kanehide mix yet and the reason is that not only do the songs you chose capture the mood but the lyrics also fit so well I can hear the characters speaking through them. A lot of fanmixes don't pay that much attention to IC lyrics which I believe is rather essential for a high quality fanmix. You did well.

@gracelikerayn assgffgs thank you so much :) that's one of the nicest things someone has said about my playlist. and it's nice to hear you like it. :3 and it's also nice to hear that you like the songs and think they fit the characters since i was kinda going for that. :) and yet again thank you so much :)