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「駄目と助かる」B r o k e n & S a v e d [Prompto Side]


A Promptis playlist from Prompto's POV that turned out more angsty than intended. The annotations in this playlist are littered with my own personal writing style + a line of lyrics from every song excluding instrumentals. (I had to mess with things a little for it to accept the two OOR songs, the version in this playlist is not the version with Avril, it was the only way it would accept the song though, sorry bout that.)

Enjoy ~

*All Japanese songs have one line of lyrics translated by myself*

19 tracks
2 comments on 「駄目と助かる」B r o k e n & S a v e d [Prompto Side]

This playlist is so wonderful for these two. The inclusion of "Gakuen no Kioku" with that line just.... gah, my fucking heart. (I absolutely love the SMT series, so it made me a bit giddy to see that included.) Awesome job!

@BleedPeroxide ahhhhhh ! I saw this super late fjdflsklk but thank you for the comment ! I'm glad you enjoyed it ! It took me a few weeks to figure out what songs I wanted for this playlist, I still need to conjure up Noctis's side as well ! (SMT is life though holy shit man) Thank you !