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Mikey's can see splatters of their blood on the sidewalk.
Sybil is biting her tongue hard enough that she can taste blood in her mouth.
Luna can smell blood in the air and she's fucking Ecstatic.

-A Those of the Forest playlist-

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i actually googled 'Those of the Forest' looking for what i now know to be your story, but only found some old book published in 1990!! i'm so glad i looked back through your playlists to find the one saying this is for a story you're writing yourself!! is it published anywhere online?? i'm very interested in reading it!! also, very nice playlist- i enjoyed it a whole lot!!

@shybeam I'm glad that you like the mix and that you're interested in the story!!! Unfortunately, right now, it's not published online but I've been thinking about uploading chapters somewhere for a while now! Right now I have a tag on my Tumblr for the story, and so that's likely to be the best place to look for updates about when I decide to start! (I'll probably also edit the desc in the playlists though). the link is , if you're interested!!! Thanks again!!!