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has some killugon hints in it!! some songs start off a bit suddenly so be warned abt tht!! a killua-centered fanmix!! >:3c

tw for
-hospital mention
-food mention
-drugs implied maybe
-smoking/cigarette ment
-death ment

  • Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse by of Montreal
    i'm in a crisis i need help. come on mood shift, shift back to good again
  • What a Catch, Donnie by Fall Out Boy
    i've got troubled thoughts and the self-esteem to match
  • Bound to You by Christina Aguilera
    i've opened up, unsure i can trust
  • Biting Down by blank
    the electrics of your heart see how fast they fall apart
  • 02 - I Will Not Bow by dj bruky
    i will shut the world away
  • I am not a Robot by I am not a Robot
    its okay to say you've got a weak spot
  • Golden (Fall Out Boy Cover) by DavidWTPowell
    tongues on the sockets of electric dreams / where the sewage of youth drowned the spark of my teens
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