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goodbye my almost lover


me @ myself: todays a good day 2 cry

  • HELENE Roch Voisine by Benjamin POTHIN
    i never knew daylight could be so violent
  • Don't Speak (No Doubt Cover) by Computer Magic
    i really feel that i'm losing my best friend
  • Oh Well, Okay by The Skyline Industry
    if you get a feeling next time you see me, do me a favour and let me know
  • Always on My Mind by Willie Nelson
    maybe i didn't love you
  • Zero by Hawk Nelson
    and my question without answer is: am i the one to blame?
  • Skinny Love by Bon Iver
  • Landslide (Stevie Nicks Cover) by Lee Grane
    time makes you bolder, even children get older
  • Give by Hey Ocean!
    i'm not scared of dying, no, i'm only scared to live
  • Breaking Benjamin (cover) by Firefly
    fuck you firefly have you lost your light
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