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We have the right to feel everything

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Really??? You know sometimes the older stuff is sometimes better, and yea I need to update it actually gunna make a new one maybe even longer I have a second playlist for the songs I didn't get to add to the first so when your done let me know if you like my continued version, thank you so much again

Thanks for the compliment. MY playlist is the best ??? Yours has way more plays and likes hahah I've been wanting to make another

@Gods trance hahaha well I made this in 2012! it's been a while… I still get e-mails saying that someone liked my playlist. Yours is special because it's long and updated.. I have been listening to it for the past 5 hours :D I like your taste!

This is a great mix of different variety trance songs! There are some great classics as well as some different songs also. I especially liked "Emotions" by Fanatic Emotions(Great uplifting instrumental trance song)! Would love to get a tracklist for this one.