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The Night Country III: The World Spins


Third in a series to celebrate difficulty, loneliness, courage, and, above all, the dark.

"It is night. Now do all fountains speak more loudly. And my soul too is a fountain. Now all the songs of the lovers awaken. And my soul too is the song of a lover. An unstilled, unstillable something in me wants to be heard. A craving for love is in me, which itself speaks the language of love. I am light; oh that I were night! My loneliness is that I am girded with night." -Nietzsche

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I assumed you meant the JuLee cruise pieces. As you may or may not know, David Lynch wrote the lyrics, and Angelo Badalamenti wrote the music for Cruise's songs. But the allegations of stolen lyrics were to a different Lynch/Badalamenti song, at least according to the imdb entry on "Fire Walk With Me." There is an Aha song called "sycamore leaves," and a member of that band sued Lynch, claiming that his and Badalamenti's song "Sycamore Trees" was a cover of the same.