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A playlist of Broadway songs describing events in history, from elections to rebellions.
The playlist is in order of year from 1590-1975.
A timeline with historical facts can be found here:

20 tracks
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I ABSOLUTELY loved this playlist! It has so many of my favorite musicals in it! Permit me to make a suggestion on some songs to add to it? Aquarius/Let the SunShine from "Hair" (representing the late 1960s and the hippie movement). Also, not sure if you can add any more from Hamilton (such as "The Battle of Yorktown" and the other historical events in there) but I'm always on board for more Hamilton :) Then again, almost a quarter of the Hamilton soundtrack could be in here XD By the way, perfect choice for the ending song.

@cb1555 Sure! I LOVE hair!!! I just don't have the soundtrack on here but I'll try to add it in later ;) Also I love Hamilton, but I didn't want it to be too much Hamilton you feel? So I added the 2 events that were the most impactful historically and of course the title song ft Washington. Thanks for the comment!!!

oh nooo, i wish i'd found this amazing playlist earlier! D: i don't live in the US or canada, so it's almost goodbye to 8tracks for me... but i'm glad i got to listen to this, if only for a day or two! it's incredible! broadway + history = true art

@sunken_ships OH NOOO Im so sorry!! Maybe I'll make it a youtube playlist too! The track list is on my tumblr if you just want to look up the songs :( It really sucks that they're doing this