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... getaway car, no roadmaps. memory gone, no throwbacks. what if we leave, never go back? don't think hard, don't hold back let's just go. girl you ain't gotta stand for this bullshit let's bounce we out in a new whip. || you saying that i lost my mind, trust me i'm feeling fine just thought about the best time that i ever had was when we bumped and grind. why not let it last for a lifetime? boy you ain't no trophy wife why the fuck you want that life? you don't want that hold me tight you that pull your hair and choking type. i'm that girl, you that man; do that dance that i like so much. i like your touch, you like my car so put your bags inside that trunk. // you were down to ride so i got you 'til i die - my shotgun, shotgun, always to my side.

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