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Melancholy Days


For a slow night that never seems to end.

  • Stray Italian Greyhound by Vienna Teng
  • Cough Syrup by WCUR Webmaster
  • In the Mourning by Paramore
  • Noserings And Shoestrings by slawinger
  • Stuck On The Puzzle by c
  • Citizen - Sleep (acoustic cover) by Jack.Wilkinson
  • Limousines "Very Busy People" by Scott McDaniel
  • Drums-> by Grataeful Dead
  • Seasons of Love by Donny Osmond
9 tracks
1 comment on Melancholy Days

Super great playlist! I love how chill it is. :) But fyi, 8tracks has started doing this thing where it will find files on soundcloud that should match the songs in your playlist and replaces the audio file with it... But often it will be weird covers or remixes and not the song you actually want on there. It appears that VCR is one of these cases (it seems to have been replaced with a really poor quality recording). I've had this problem on some of my playlists too... The way to fix it is to edit the playlist and go into edit the information for the song (like the title, artist, etc) and go down to the bottom. There will be an option to say that it is not the correct file and it'll go back to the original one you uploaded. It also helps to remove the link to buy the song on soundcloud. Sorry for info dump, but it's an annoying new feature that I keep coming across and I thought you'd like to know!!! I'm not sure about the other songs on the playlist, they all seemed pretty okay to me, but I'm not very familiar with them all, so it wouldn't hurt to double check everything (I've had to do it a few times myself).