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Songs I think Marty would enjoy listening to once he gets to our lame 2015.
Some relate to his adventures and friendship with Doc, some are just songs I think he might like.


((I have the mind of a video editor some of these may only make sense to me because I've already worked out the AMVs in my head sorry))

12 tracks
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@thewandering2926 Haha a good amount of these I have only really vague ideas for. Next Year is literally the most perfect BttF song I've ever heard and I'm working on a video about that now actually that one is just all Doc and Marty's friendship. I really like Don't Tell Me and had this idea of a shorter video (not sure I can pull off the whole song) that's basically just charting Marty's character growth throughout the series because wow I love it. Animus Vox would be fun to edit with too that's one where I know which clips I'd use for most of the parts and would go more effects heavy on (I tend to be sparing with those).