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madisen V.2


we have been talking for awhile. you means so much to me. you have been with me in all the bad times, as you promised. we have been talking for a little bit over a year. i am glad you commented that comment on my instagram picture. ever since that comment, i have known you really do care. from the start, you have cared. i grew with you in ways where i got stronger. we've gotten in fights but recovered. now you are my ultimately best friend. you make me happy. i love you madisen (:

  • You're A Mess In Public by Flatsound
  • on you I scrape my knees by Driftwood Records
  • Ours Cover by Tanner Patrick by Taylor Swift
  • you wrote "don't forget" on your arm by flatsound
  • Baby I'm Yours by Arctic Monkeys
  • dandelion hands // i like you by handeliondands
  • I For You (All American Rejects Cover) by Adam Mailloux
  • You’re My Best Friend by The Once
8 tracks
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