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Begins in my head & finishes in my vibes

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Right on @terriblestatic!! I love shiny disco balls (drugs, alcohol...bad ass..) sticks in your head for a while :)
May that day come sooner than later!

Right digging the mash-up of Dave Dresden, plus never heard Shiny Disco Balls before, so fantastic! Also anyone who remixes Deadmau5 is the greatest person ever. Kaskade + Deadmau5 = fantastic. And Chris Lake just makes me high no matter what. Lord of Trance = OBSCENE!!! I'm going to America for the second time ever tomorrow (& can't find my passport, oh god!) but hopefully one day we'll all be chillin' in Santa Fe, listening to ridiculous electro together!!!

You switched it up @danngo...or is it @exkixtix_Co ;)
Whenever you make you're way up here, you know it'll be worthwhile! Glad you liked the mix :)

Duncan Sheik > never heard of him but I love it, great shit

Fragma > almost never gets old

Love Daft Punk always and with Chris Lake makes it even better. Morgan Pages voice is soothing, love this track.

I remember >>> fucking EXCELLENT!!

Aqualight! ahh ... S? Thats Sebastien Leger by the way.. haha

Lord of Trance....i see how it zones you out, love that track.

Great mix! Thanks for the mention. I will be returning the favor, though im gonna take my time and make it worth it. =] Shit if I ever come to Santa Fe we sure gonna party it up