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Impressive rhyming skills @danngo haha
@magicegg I can't say I am as cool of a 80's kid as you are--born in 89 :( But I do agreee with you! The era had so much life and funky/groove..can't help but feel a bit of nostalgia for such a interesting time period! Plus the music is classic--I can't say how many 80's songs I still jam out too! For instance 'Let's get physical' came on today and I jammed out..I can't lie.

Glad you all liked the mix! I woke up and I just felt like energy that could only be presented in a mix ;)

atleast I know I sometimes get nostalgic for the fun and hopeful feeling of those 80s sci-fi/fantasy movies I grew up on...

Yeeah! way to rock that electro synth style mi Nuevo Mexican hermana. I think I was on the same page with my latest. I'm thinking the resurgence in popularity of these 80s sample sounds is the generation of kids who grew up hearing them are now jonsing for that time and re-presenting the sounds of that era in a fresh new way

Reeling Eats me up BIGTIME.
IhaveReAdy for the FLooR as an opener in an upcoming mix, Love this song HotCHip kills it!
EasyLove>>MSTRKRFT is one krafty fella
HolySHITthis Royksopp remix is getting me hard! haha
i will not D>A>N>C>E not in a flat not on top a mat not in a club and not in a tub i will not dan i am. haha goodsong.
OhBABYBABYBABY<< with this shit. By the way, fucking amazing mix we made, all i did before publishing was change order of the songs and it flowed pretty damn well. tocadisco and robbie rivera were the fucking SHIT i loved em so hard. =] =] =]