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(C O) D E P E N D A N T C Y | (C O) D E C E N C Y


I love these two's friendship so much. They depended on each other in a dark time, and even if Shintaro acts angry about it, and Ene acts obnoxious, I have a feeling they both care a lot more than they'd like to admit. More people need to talk about what they have. They're two people who never particularly saw eye to eye, but after losing two people so important to them, managed to battle worsening depression together, and relied on each other through thick and thin, even if one didn't realize who the other was.

More people need to talk about how Ene emailed herself to Shin out of all people. Or about how in the manga Shin started to have a panic attack when she disappeared at the mall.

This isn't a romantic playlist.

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