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A Million Bad Habits to Kick and You're One of Them


“I just traded one deadly thing for another.
Jay isn’t deadly, per say. He doesn’t eat away at my lungs, but he does make it hard for me to breath. He’s so codependent sometimes, I wonder if he was a mommy’s boy. He probably was, hiding behind her whenever he was bullied on the playground. I didn’t have that. I always defended myself. I always took down the bullies on my own. The ones I could physically hit, at least.
And maybe that’s why Jay needs me. Maybe he just needs someone to protect him from the bullies the same way I need something to take my mind off of things. Maybe we don’t actually love each other more than we just need each other. He needs me for protection the same way I need him for addiction.”

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This is a lovely playlist! Is the note that you wrote from a fic, or was it just from you 'cuz it's really well written.

@TinyTurdle Thank you! And it's actually a snippet from a fic I was writing at the time. I never got around to finishing it, but maybe I'll go back to it now. c:

@psychopasstel Ooohh. I hope you do, because just from that lil blurb, I was really exited to see if there was anything else! If you've posted it anywhere, could you possibly tell me where I can find it to fall in love with it even more?