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ジャスト☆キッズ (Jasuto Kizzu) Season 1 OST


Soundtrack to the short-lived anime comedy Jasuto Kizzu (Just Kids), loosely based on Patti Smith's eponymous memoir.

IMDB synopsis: It is 1967. Young poet Patti has left her rural hometown for New York City! Scraping by with her bookstore job, her new life is slow-going... until she meets a handsome and mysterious photographer named Robert! Will their wild adventures through art, music, and romance lead them to fame? After all... they're just kids!

  • ParanMaum by Paranmaum
  • Daydream Believer by Shonen Knife
    S01 E00: ((Pilot)) -- Patti recounts her early life in rural New Jersey: her religious upbringing, the hallucinations brought on by her bout with scarlet fever, her time at a teacher's college, and her pregnancy at age 20. After giving up the child for adoption, she recalls her decision to move to New York City.
    S01 E01: A Night In Tompkins Square Park -- (Robert's theme). While searching for a friend, Patti happens upon a striking green-eyed boy. Little does she know that their paths will cross again, their fates intertwined!
  • I Wanna Be Sedated (Ramones) by Shonen Knife
    S01 E02: Bookstores & Blue Stars! -- The duo are living together in Brooklyn. Patti works at Scribner's by day, and comes home to write and make art every night. Robert experiments with so many different drugs and Patti, cup of Nescafe in hand, can hardly keep up!
  • Silver Kiss by Luminous Orange
    S01 E03: -- Patti has moved in with her new lover Howie, and Robert is devastated. If Patti leaves him, he swears he'll turn gay! Making good on his threat, he buys a ticket to San Francisco to... 'experiment'.
  • Demo) by Geist (Patti Smith Cover
    S01 E04: The Junkies of Hotel Allerton -- Patti returns with sister Linda from their visit to Paris. Howie is unable to handle Patti's wild hysteria over Robert being gay, and kicks her out of the apartment. Only then does Patti discover that Robert has been horribly ill since his return from San Francisco: lice, malnutrition, gonorrhea, impacted wisdom teeth, ulcerated gums and delirious fever. Yikes! Will Patti be able to nurse Robert back to health despite Hotel Allerton's horrible accomodations?
  • Chelsea Girl (Ride cover) [Sugarcoated, 1998] by Luminous Orange
    S01 E05: Chelsea Hotel Go! -- While Robert recovers from illness, the pair settles into their new living quarters at the Hotel Chelsea, where they soon befriend the infamous Jim Carroll. Patti's hip new friend Bobby acquaints her with some of the Hotel's rock n' roll residents at the El Quixote bar. Can Patti out-drink Janis Joplin?? Special surprise visit from Salvador Dali!
  • Dancing Barefoot (Patti Smith Cover) by The Feelies
    S01 E06: 206 West Twenty-third Street -- (Patti's theme). Patti and Robert rent a studio loft in addition to their Chelsea Hotel lodgings. While Robert experiments with photography and collages, Patti scours the New York scene for new connections and inspiration.
  • ParanMaum by Paranmaum
    S01 E07: Linda Panic! Are You Gone-Gone? -- After a quarrel, Patti's sister Linda goes missing. The twosome frantically search for her in the city, and Patti starts getting paranoid ideas about her sister's fate. But can panic become poetry?
  • Blue oyster cult cover by SAYRO
    S01 E08: Church Gigs & Oyster Cults -- (Allen's theme). With the help of Lenny Kaye and his guitar, Patti makes her first big break with a poetry reading at St. Mark's Church. While living with Robert again, Patti meets Allen Lanier, keyboardist for a band called Blue Oyster Cult, and is smitten!
  • Jinn [Raion] by Joel Rodriguez 33
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