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Dark Paradise is a Kaze to Ki no Uta fanmix. It was not designed as a narrative in music, but rather as a collection of decadent and eerie motifs to recreate the general atmosphere of the story, focusing on Gilbert in particular. (I built a sort of storyline in the track order, but it’s up to the listener to recognize it/ care for it or not.)

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i dont know if you'll even see this comment but oh my god dthis mix is something from another world. I'm so grateful that you decided to sit down and make it

I'm the kind to like things in silence, but when I realized the comment box of this amazing fanmix was empty, I needed to say something.
See, I've been a fan of Kaze to Ki no Uta for quite a few years, but unfortunately I don't know Japanese and had little chances to meet other people who like it as well, so I jumped in joy when I found your playlist, but nothing compared to how I felt when I finished listening to it.

Your selection was perfect to create the environment; you close your eyes, and, for a second, you are Serge, recently arriving the Lacomblade Academy, walking under those haunting trees, feeling the cold wind, and seeing Gilbert for the first time, Gilbert, oneiric and oddly surreal, like an angel in the distance, exactly like the manga makes you feel.

All the lyrics fitted, and the story went on, the first feelings developed into scenes you already watched and read, there was nothing out of place, no song you could possibly skip, or you would risk losing an important piece...

Sorry, I think I've lost myself a bit in the comment, all I wanted to say is thank you for this fantastic piece, it quickly turned into a favorite, I hope you do more like this in the future!

OMG. When I read your comment I started going around the room like a fool out of joy, not knowing what to say. I'd never expected someone might like it so much, both because it's a relatively unknown series, both because everyone's sensibility is different. But I admit this is one of my favourite stories (even if because I relate it to strictly personal events) and if I could I'd probably make a movie out of it.

I received two messages, but I can't see the other one here (the longer one, that is), I don't know if 8tracks deleted it or what :(. Lucky me I have it on my e-mail, because it was really nice to see what you had in mind for each song, because it only showed how good the fanmix actually is!
Your explanation was basically what I had in mind while listening, and I really enjoyed your choices. The instrumental songs in special have a very... Fluid song, an almost ethereal thing, perfect for a story named after wind and trees, and the poetic nature of the narrative.

I took a while to answer you back because I had very little time and I wanted to listen to the mix again to properly respond to such a nice message. It's also one of my favorite stories, and seeing a great interpretation of it is amazing by itself. Oh, and you don't have a strange speech at all, though, don't worry about that!

(By the way, I realized I didn't compliment the cover art. Let me fix that: it's gorgeous, and it fits the atmosphere of the title, and the dark undertones behind the romantic frame perfectly).

haha no it was me who canceled part of the message because I thought I had annoyed you and I got embarassed x) sorry.
Thank you again, I'm very happy that you liked it all so much. I think Tchaikovsky's refined and romantic music fits most of "Year 24 Group" mangas very well. In the 2nd message I said "Meditation in an emergency" is the orchestration of this piece by Frank O'Hara (which begins with "Am I to become profligate as if I were a blonde? Or religious as if I were French?" I didn't choose it on purpose but when I read it I lol'd) : http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poetrymagazine/poem/15741 .

Oh fuck, well, I hope I didn't make it more awkward for answering it (although I probably did, guess there's no turning back now), I just really liked the message.

My major reaction while reading the poem was a small "heh" I couldn't contain, because even if you didn't choose it on purpose, it was oddly fitting lol.

By the way, I know 8tracks isn't the best place to talk, but do you know Japanese? For the way you talk, I guessed you read the entire series (maybe I'm pretty wrong, but one can try), so I got curious if you're fluent in Japanese, or if you read it in another language, since I've been struggling for 9 years with the sadly unfinished translations of the story. If you didn't... Well, you probably understand the pain of not knowing what happens next even if the story is almost 40 years old.

Anyway... I know I said it a thousand times, but the mix was fantastic, and I hope you make others if you please, you're really good at it, and have great sensibility to understand and portrait the story in another media like this, your interpretation was great.

(Forgive me if I'm sounding overly emphatic about this, I got really excited about the mix, for Kazeki is also one of my favorite stories, for the literary value and because it's also very personal to me, in many aspects, and I never had the chance to find more than one other person to talk about it, hah).

So thank you again! I hope you dont' mind I'm following you on tumblr - where I first found the mix -, feel free to talk to me there too if you want, my nickname there is antinousfarouche (don't feel pressured, though, I know how awkward and uncomfortable that can be too lol)!