Is this playlist safe for work?

till then......


from groovy psychdelic rock into the dark blissful doom....and may you find the groom,hahaha
pic courtesy of adik(sg)

22 tracks
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ure not gonna take it very seriously?arent you?why should you?come on...like you know...its not like its your own original music?..

the fugg if you re gonna tell me not to comment on stupid playlist when that playlist itself is saying something to other people with bad messages

It's come to our attention that you've been leaving some fairly abusive comments on other users' playlists. As indicated in our FAQs, we do not tolerate abuse by any member of our community and reserve the right to remove accounts that fail to abide by our policies. Please, take the necessary steps to remove your previously posted abusive comments and refrain from future abuse, or your account will be deactivated and your access to 8tracks revoked. Thank you.

@Samuel_peterson dont worry about it...ill stop from now..on there was a reason why i did that....ill talk or message to the real 8 tracks technicians behind this webbie and show them what my real problem really is....