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Don Your Parka and John Lennon Glasses

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BLEUGH! There's one band I CANNOT STAND! They're an EMBARRASSMENT to my city of birth - I'll tolerate the Gallaghers, but Albarn & Cunts...?! I'll say this for your mixes, tho, you've given me a new-found appreciation for the Roses - and I NEVER thought I'd say THAT! Brown and Mani are still narcissistic nobs, tho! I mean look at Brown's solo shit - he just HAS to be on the cover of EVERY LP! I've always said that, if a sample was taken of his DNA, it'd be found that the Neanderthals didn't completely die out...

'ello! Like, Freddie - I'm BAAACCCCKKK! Gonna attempt to go thru these in order. Is there any logic behind 'em...? X❤️X Talk to me, mysterious bro...

I usually have a few tracks that I am really liking and listening to a lot right before I start a mix. Then I build up around them in an somewhat free associative fashion, picking other tracks out of my library. If I get stuck I'll give iTunes genius a try and look at last.fm to see what other songs people think are similar to a certain one. With this series I restrict it to British artists and try to use '80s tracks sparingly, especially ones that are more gothic or synth-based.