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Don Your Parka and John Lennon Glasses: Part 11

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can I please ask just one question...?! How is it that a Yank has such an all-encompassing, encyclopaedic knowledge of British music...? You're obviously NOT an ex-pat (which was my immediate first thought) - so what's the deal...?! You're upstaging me, matey, and I don't like it - it's EMBARRASSING!

It may not be so all-encompassing as it may seem and you've already asked about bands I have not collected or heard anything from yet. It's taken several years and a lot of help from websites like Pandora (at least in the beginning), last fm, here, and turntable (may it rest in peace) (to say nothing of the $ blown on used CDs). I've come across plenty of folks on these sites with much more music knowledge of various UK music scenes than yours truly.