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Don Your Parka and John Lennon Glasses: Part 13

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Just your fave Brit cyberstalker/loony/nutjob checking in (sadly she's still alive). I like talking to you; you're 1,000s of miles away, so we'll never meet. I'm getting desperate. Couldn't get to A&E, I'm too terrified of getting set on by the plod and locked up in the nuthouse (always happens). So I've written to NORML cos my folks won't support me unless I become less autistic and, what's gonna make me "less autistic" if not weed...?! I'm DESPERATE now, sorry for all the cussing, but I feel like fucking shite. I'm a 3-yr-old stuck in a 40+-yr-old body. Think if they don't/won't help, that's it for me. The only pal I had in the world told me to do one tonight, too... It's robbing me of my music, too... without tunes I may as well BE DEAD!