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Don Your Parka and John Lennon Glasses: Part 8

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Please explain your obsession with SPM, cos I don't get it; the man's (and I use the word in its loosest possible sense) a whinging wanker with DEEPLY abhorrent, repulsive and quite possibly illegal opinions. If life's a pigsty according to it, then that must make him a pig which, frankly, is an insult to porcine-kind everywhere. I LOVE pigs - particularly with applesauce or a side of unfertilised chicken ova. Or pineapple - do you do pig and pineapple over there…? Or is it a weird Brit thing…? Hope your indie day weekend's been okay thus far; I'm in bed having to cope with humidity of up to 90% - and I can't. Still trying to compile summat for ya but, every time I think "oh he's not had THEM…" I stick another of your older mixes on and it's "Ah, yes he has…". Knocked Puressence, Lowline and SULK off yesterday. Tell me, do Yuck, Strangelove, Hefner, Standard Fare, The Lancashire Hotpots, Half Man Half Biscuit, Momus, Ballboy, The Just Joans, Bearsuit, The Mull Historical Society, The French, Chris T-T, Beans on Toast, The Delgados, Senser, Skindred, The View and The Holloways mean anything to you…? I HAD wanted it to be a surprise, but you're IMPOSSIBLE! Still love ya, though… X❤️X

I am far from obsessed with Morrissey. And yes, his latest abortive attempt at a U.S. tour only confirms many of the negative views about him. But here's where I am going to be frank and tell you that you seem to let a lot of ancillary bullshit come between you and the music. Where so and so is from and what he said about someone else in some interview, etc. etc. etc.. Rarely do I make extra-musical considerations sway me into including... or *excluding* a tune... in a mix. I've never been close to being saturated by the churn of the British music press, so consider mine always an outsider's perspective.

Anything by Puresessence that's not from Don't Forget to Remember would be most welcome, particuarly their early stuff. That only leaves Ballboy and The Delgados on your list that I have any familiarity with that's really only one song each. ("I Lost You, But I Found Country Music" and "I Fought the Angels", respectively.)

Let's quantify "obesession". Plays since 2007 as scrobbled by Last.fm:
The Smiths - 262
Morrissey - 213

Versus, say...
Echo & the Bunnymen - 2,144
The Chameleons - 1,163

And for good measure...
Sad Lovers and Giants - 481
The House of Love - 453
The Mighty Lemon Drops - 337
Exit Calm - 272

The problem I have with arguing is that I have barely opened my mouth before I get a voice in my head saying "is that really the case?". I've probably let myself be swayed by what I perceive is the relative popularity of British bands here in the U.S.. Smiths and Morrissey fanatics seem more prevalent or at least more vocal here than Bunnymen fans. Plus I try to lay off of Echo and other post-punk groups for the "Britpop" mixes as they generally get lots of play in the general run of my other mixes.