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Like Pagan Gods, You and I

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Sad Lovers and Giants - should have realised that's where the title came from! Embarrassed now! They're from my folks' neck-o'-the-woods (Ricky, as it's colloquially known locally, is about 15/20 miles away). Y'know, I don't think I've EVER come across anyone with whom I've so much in common, sonically-speaking; just wish I didn't feel so shite. Gonna drag my carcass to A&E, Monday (can't make it to the quack's; it's at the top of a 1:3 hill, and the buses all stop at the bottom!

Sorry, I didn't know what you meant by A&E (ER is what we call them here). I hope you are feeling better soon! This one is a re-working/expansion of an earlier mix you'll probably find at the top of the list on the right (with another SLAG lyric for a title). Very deliberate choice of songs based upon lyrics for these two.