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No Bad Vibe Hearts

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Enjoyed that, could have done with some Cope, though. Not that I'm complaining. I just like him, is all and I don't think you've used him - nor The Teardrop Explodes. X❤️X

No solo Cope in my library, yet. The Teardrop Explodes found their way into "Saturday Night In the Captain's Clothes", "Waiting for the Crucial Three" (double shot, a Peels session and made mix cover photo for that one), "All Your Colours Turn to Pale", and "Don't Let the Smoke Get in Your Eye".

We weren't allowed records at school, because the nuns considered all non-religious music to be satanic. I got away with SoM and JAMC because I had Sr. Mary Josephine convinced they were religious groups! She was also convinced Boy George was a girl… well, she must have been about 105 or summat!