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Synth-tastic '80s... Part Deux!


I thought posting an '80s mix to 8tracks was like hauling coal to Newcastle, but I did it anyway and it became my most-listened-to-and-liked mix within a matter of a few days. So here's more where that came from... Wall of Voodoo, Gary Numan, Simple Minds and more!

18 tracks
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Sonic Boom Six, Million Dead, Future Of The Left, My Vitriol, Möngöl Hörde, The Pressure Room, Sleeping Souls, John Cooper Clarke, John Shuttleworth… if you tell me that you know of every single one of these - and can prove it - then I'm renouncing my British nationality and going to live in a commune in the middle of the Himalayas, I'm NOT being bested by a Yank, that kinda embarrassment is too much to bear! I shall return, mon ami. I SHALL *NOT* BE BEATEN!

I've heard and seen John Cooper Clarke in a Joy Division video and also his cameo in Control. I have Finelines by My Vitriol. The rest are terra incognita to me. So rest assured you have won, sweets.

'Allo Darlin', Strawberry Switchblade, Transvision Vamp, China Crisis, Terrorvision, Laika Dog, The Wildhearts, The Moonflowers, Flowered Up, The French, Hefner, Half Man Half Biscuit, PWEI, Ned's Atomic Dustbin, Babylon Zoo, The Lovely Eggs, Helen Love, The Just Joans, The Lambrettas, Secret Affair, Purple Heart, Merton Parkas, The Delgados, Frank Sidebottom. BAD, Fun Boy Three/Five, Audioweb, Rebel Rap Assassins (later Ruthless Rap Assassins), EMP, The KLF, The Shamen, Sub Sub, FSOL, Darren Hayman, The Draymin, Blue October, The Bodines, The Blue Orchids, NFAD, Aztec Camera, Thousand Yard Stare, The Rakes, The View, The Rifles, The Drums, The Beloved, Cornershop, Midway Still, Beans on Toast, Ben Marwood,

Of those I have tunes by Ned's Atomic Dustbin, The Delgados, The KLF, FSOL (just "Papua New Guinea"), The Bodines, Aztec Camera, The Drums, and The Beloved (just their New Order-ish first album!).

Zo, you theenk you can best me, eh, mon ami Americain…? I do not like to be the loser, I SHALL come out the victor! Get these!