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That's What Stars Are For

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NEVER have I been more acutely aware of my own mortality than I am tonight. I want one of 2 things for xmas; either an 'angel' appears out of nowhere with a couple of ounces of green and tells me they're gonna help me regain my health - or I want the end to come; not by my own hand - I'm too much of a fucking coward for that (and I'd only fuck that up, too, and end up permanently brain-damaged). No, I just want to go to sleep one night and never wake again; failing that, I'll do what a FB friend said he would do when he's had enough - simply walk outside and fall asleep in the snow... Thing is, that wouldn't work, either, I've spent so many winters sleeping rough in temps as low as -25 with wind chill, and I'm still here. I'm going to try to kip now, maybe the Great Spirit, the Creator, will look benevolently upon me and take me, I can but only hope... Goodnight - and, hopefully, Goodbye, Sweet Stranger, and Thank You. Namaste. X❤️X