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When the Heat Starts Growing Horns

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Thanks for this. Never been the world's biggest Suede fan, always put me in mind of The Smiths (who I never liked, either). Vocalist a complete diva? Check. Thinks he's a better lyricist than he actually is? Check. Underrated lead guitarist (Butler was wasted in Suede)? Check. Flower obsession? Check. The only thing Anderson has in his favour is that he's not vegan (least I don't think he is; hope he's not being vegan isn't clever). SPM declared the other day that "People who eat meat are worse than paedophiles" and that if "Jamie Oliver loves meat so much, then he should roast one of his kids". Now, I've big issues with Oliver, primarily that his head's wedged up the NHS's arse, but I'd NEVER come out with anything a THAT vile. This Charming Man…?! America's welcome to it! By rights, he should be dead by now, he's been vegan since at least '84/'85. You can only survive for around 4-5 years without a regular supply of B12, and iron even less (we're omnivorous carnivores, basically, we can survive without plants, but NOT without meat, we can't assimilate nutrition from plants very efficiently). Okay, I'll go away now, I'm NOT having a good day, souls stay away from folk when I'm like this… Not keen on the Monkeys' latest, either, Turner seems to have abandoned his sense of humour. I feel I can't fall out of love with them, though, cos they're from my hometown (Sheffield, how I miss thee!). One day, I'll upload (if I EVER can!) my 'Men - and Women! - of Steel' playlist, chronicling Sheffield's rich, eclectic and diverse musical heritage. Glad you're still about, missed your mixes (sure you've not missed my rants, though!). X❤️X

I hate summer. Humidity's around 90 today. Need a storm. Better at night, though, storms are wasted during the day…hope you're doing okay, better than I am at least (which ain't difficult…). Might even get around to getting summat up meself, but the website hates me, and the silence from 8Tracks support has been cacophonous. 3 browsers - Chrome, Firefox and Safari - and doesn't like any of 'em. Chime won't even allow me to login! My folks think flash is 2 things: 1. What you get on a camera 2. An all-purpose cleaning fluid, so enquiries along the line of "Have you got any Flash blockers installed…?", are met with blank stares and "What's Flash?" - I've looked everywhere I can think to look, can't see anything. I'll leave you in peace, sweetie, ranted at you enough in the past… Hugs X❤️X

Driving home from work last week my car said it was 101 F (38 C). Strong thunderstorms come every few days now.

This page might be some help. It's Mozilla's browser plug-in check, which appears to work with Chrome as well as FF. http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/plugincheck/

I think as long as you've got Java and Flash up you'll be set.