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bubble tea


listen & relax. coffee shop kind of playlist.

tracks are being added whenever i find a good song that fits lol

26 tracks
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Did you remove one of the tracks in this playlist? I came back looking for it; I listened to this playlist when there were less tracks.

@hanayue i think the song you're looking for is I Do by Acoustic Collabo since that was one of the tracks I couldn't replace. I'm working on replacing it right now :)

@crappucino uhmm I just listened to it; I don't remember the song I'm looking for sounding this happy (if that makes sense). Thank you for answering my question though! :)

@crappucino Thank you for trying (: I don't want to be a bother though; so if you're busy, no worries! As for the rap part, I don't remember. I think it may have been a guy who sang the song?

@hanayue I think what you're looking for might be 1-4-3 by Henry (Acoustic) but other than that I don't really know any missing tracks that had a guy singing. You can try 가르마 by AKMU. Sorry I couldn't really help that much ><

@crappucino omg I think it was akmu-hello now you mention akmu. I'm sorry for the goose chase for a song but I think you were the one who introduced me to akmu through the playlist and I do actually have the hello-akmu song(didn't listen to it in a while)...>_< I'm sorry! >_< Thank you for your help (:

@hanayue oh yea hello was actually one of the missing tracks haha >< I'm glad you found the song and it's okay I'm always happy to help out :)