punk rock ok
Is this playlist safe for work?


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@ashtonouis its from a soundcloud account called "hemmo16parody". they sound exactly like 5sos and their really sweet. im soo happy this helped you, and that this helped you in any way

I'm speechless.... This mix is perfection. I listen to it everytime I feel hopeless. For a lot of people this can sound stupid but these boys did much more for me than they'll ever know. Thank you so much for making this masterpiece

@malfoyxgranger trust me, i know exactly how you feel. it feels like there is no one there for you, or that no one understands you, hopeless. but once you hear a 5sos song, you kind of forget about the world for a while. or when you see a 5sos vid, its the only thing that can actually make you smile. 5sos saved us. so, stay strong. you are loved! :) xx