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A Buried Sun

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@thesecondfoot idk. putting together the first draft is like, an hour? n then another hour or so for making the cover and tracklist images. obviously going through it and tweaking takes an hour, but thats listening to it while doing other shit. id say its a lot of time, not a lot of energy

@punkarsenic Interesting process. I was just wondering since the flow (this is the first playlist I've heard of yours) of the songs work really well. I like to make sure that my playlists always have great flow in them and yours is the first I've heard that had this great of flow to it without sticking to a specific genre. Just wanted to say awesome job and that you seem to have a knack for it. And that I really enjoy this playlist. I haven't finished it yet (I ran out of time in the middle of it) but it's been great so far.

@thesecondfoot oh yeah man, flow between tracks and a general plotline through the playlist is so important. this one was weird for me bc to keep the flow but get the full extent of the characters its got 3 parts to it (the spoken word bits are dividers) so im glad it worked out. thanks for the really flattering feedback!

@punkarsenic I do the same thing! I do take more time over the summer on them so the playlists I release in the fall seem to be a bit more perfect but I'm the same boat with you. I noticed the spoken word dividers as "new chapters" and it's quite obvious (which is what you want).