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I Could Crush You!


Matt Garetty: Hey, Andrew.


Matt Garetty: I just wanted to say that... I'm sorry and, uh... I hope... that you know that I did what I had to do. You're not a bad person. I know that. That's all that matters. And, uh, I want you to know that I'm gonna be better from now on. I'm gonna help people. I'm gonna find out what happened to us down there. I don't care how long it takes. I'm gonna get answers. I'm gonna do it for you, and I'm gonna do it for Steve. And... I just... I love you, man. I didn't ever get a chance to tell you but I love you. And guess what.

[Matt moves the camera to show a Tibetan monastery in the background]

Matt Garetty: You made it. Whoo-hoo!


Matt Garetty: Isn't it beautiful? Goodbye, Andrew.

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