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Diving into the Summer!!

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①Here Comes The Summer (Original Version) / The Undertones
②When it'll come / When Nalda became punk
③California Girls / The Smiles
④She Has A Way / Dream Diary
⑤Tulips & Six Flags (Feat. Firefox AK) / Panter
⑥Summer, you and me / When Nalda became punk
⑦Pogo / Eternal Summers
⑧We Don't Need To, We Don't Have To / Palpitation
⑨She'll Come Back for Indian Summer / Alpaca Sports
⑩Summerdays / Weekend
⑪Summer's Here / School
⑫A Summer Wasting / Belle & Sebastian
⑬Weekend / Smith Westerns
⑭Enjoy You While It Lasts / Polaroid Summer
⑮A Summer Chill / This Is Ivy League
⑯Summer's Been And Gone / Language Of Flowers