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i hate you, don't leave me


“I hated you,“ said Laurent. "I hated you so badly I thought I’d choke on it. If my uncle hadn’t stopped me, I would have killed you. And then you saved my life, and every time I needed you, you were there, and I hated you for that, too.”

a captive prince fanmix:
from laurent to damen.

full tracklist on tumblr: http://tinyurl.com/jpug6q9
if you have problems with songs skipping, you can listen to this playlist on youtube: http://tinyurl.com/ju7s9br

[companion pieces]
from damen to laurent (if i gave you my heart) : http://8tracks.com/purebloods/if-i-gave-you-my-heart

13 tracks
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Oh, this was a very lovely fanmix. The quotes were beautifully chosen -I'm off to listening to the Damen one! Thanks for sharing!