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It's okay to be human.
It's okay to be weak.

  • Lying To The Mirror by Gabrielle Aplin
    Okay ladies (and men, too), take this for what it is. Don't lie to yourself- you are beautiful. Don't let yourself be convinced otherwise.
  • Flaws by Bastille
    This is how I fell in love with Bastille. The blatant love put into these lyrics makes me melt.
  • Agoraphobia by Autoheart
    Agoraphobia: the fear of crowded or enclosed public spaces. This song is beautiful in its honesty, and the lead singer of autoheart has an amazing voice.
  • Hope for the Hopeless(1) by A Fine Frenzy
    A Fine Frenzy has a beautiful voice, especially in this song. There is always hope.
  • Ribs by Lorde
    A song of growing up based on a conversation she had with her best friend. She told him that she was scared of growing up- to have to act like an adult and think adult thoughts. Her honesty is admirable and beautiful, and of course her voice is amazing.
  • What Makes a Man by City and Colour
    A song about regret of the past and the fear of having to face it. Amazing lyrics and Dallas' enchanting voice delivering it.
  • How by Regina Spektor
  • Type by Sarah Kay
    And then Sarah Kay. Chills all down my spine.
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