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write until it hurts.

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i. breaking
ii. broken
iii. rebuilt

  • Theme by Pixar's Up Soundtrack
  • Waiting For The Lights Tangled Soundtrack by Tangled
  • Rue's Lullaby (piano cover) by iflorimonte
  • 01 Guardians At the Gate by Cinemolivas
  • Rue's Farewell (Cover) by Marc Bernad Casanova
  • Redemption by Audiomachine
  • Deep Undercurrent by Various Artists
  • A gift of a thistle "Breaveheart" (cover) by a.hartzet
  • Brian Crain - piano on Vimeo by Dream of Flying
  • Vuelie (feat. Cantus) by Frode Fjellheim & Christophe Beck
  • Campfire Tangled Soundtrack by Tangled
  • Nemo Egg (From "Finding Nemo") by The86thFloor
12 tracks
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