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darling, you're a summer lover


rough start, a little messy, but okay, okay, let's try again, darling.
(a mix for that falling in love before you realized it was a bad idea)

Cover art by 森:

EDIT: THE AUDIO FOR THIS PLAYLIST IS CURRENTLY MESSED UP!!! the sound comes out really tinny... i reuploaded the tracks twice and nothing's changed but i'll try and get it fixed as soon as i can!

10 tracks
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There seems to be something wrong with the audio i think? Almost all sound like they were recorded w a phone

@moomaid AH SHOOT i'm not sure what happened i guess 8tracks corrupted my files??? thank u for telling me i'm gonna run and go fix it!!

@moomaid I CAN'T SEEM TO GET IT FIXED... thank u again so much for telling me i'll try and get this worked out soon mayb contact 8tracks staff and see what's up!!