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How Can We Make Your Tomorrow Better?


"A fanmix for these two dudes who kind of only have each other."

A FST for Billy Quizboy and Pete White from the Venture Bros, containing a mix of rock, synthpop, new wave, and alternative from the 60's to now.

19 tracks
2 comments on How Can We Make Your Tomorrow Better?

All of the songs in this are amazing, the aesthetic of this playlist fits them so well, I can totally see Pete singing some of these songs and even the lyrics o most of the songs fit them so well!! I'm sorry I just love this playlist a lot and I love Pete and Billy a lot

@Cocobutterpanda Thank you so much for this amazing comment!! I'm a big stickler when it comes to playlists, I wanna make sure that (if possible) the entirety of a song matches the character(s) I'm making the playlist for. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!