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He's a Ranger, You're the Princess

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"He's a Ranger, and people like us can never understand Rangers. There's a part of them they keep to themselves."
The Battle For Skandia

A playlist for Cassandra after book 4 when Will refused to join the Royal Scouts and left her heartbroken by a Ranger;

  • Brick By Boring Brick by Paramore
    So one day he found her crying / Coiled up on the dirty ground / Her prince finally came to save her / And the rest you can figure out
  • 09 You've Got It Made by Remixingloveandmusic
    Tell me are you happy now? / Tell me did it all work out?
  • Wasting all this tears on you by Alex A. McSaev
    And you left me Standing on a corner crying / Feeling like a fool for trying / I don't even remember / Why I'm wasting all these tears on you
  • My Happy Ending (Accoustic) by Dinar Apriliana
    He was everything, everything that I wanted / We were meant to be, supposed to be but we lost it
  • White Horse by Taylor Swift
    I was a dreamer before you went and let me down, Now it's too late for you and your white horse to come around
  • Erase And Rewind by Ashley Tisdale
    Guess I should leave this behind / Guess I should erase and rewind
  • Never Be What You Want (Acoustic) by We Are The In Crowd
    I can't figure you out / you've got more fight in you than anybody else / And here's the part where I start to make my own damn decisions
  • The War Is Over by Kelly Clarkson
    why won't you believe me / I wait for silence / takes a lot not to answer
  • That's What You Get by Paramore
    'Cause I burned every bridge I ever built when you were here / I still try, holding onto silly things, I never learn / Oh why, all the possibilities I'm sure you've heard.
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