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dark ambivalence (iii)


"dark ambivalence" is a trilogy of playlists following Václav, a twenty-one year old Czech-American art student from Philadelphia. The story spans over a single week following a break up with the antagonist, Annaliese, girlfriend of three years. It takes place within the city of Pittsburgh, at Carnegie Mellon University. Let your mind become a cinematic feature.

12 tracks
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I'd say I liked about 60% of it. The flow was very good and was, as the description mentioned, very cinematic. On the other hand, the thought process of our musical narrator seemed a little shaky to me. The beginning was the strongest, but the finish was also quite strong!

@Vulnerary The process goes --> Depression, sort of hollow space background noise. It's supposed to be set on the night streets. The second act is anger and denial, at a college party - the protagonist finding a rebound. The third scene is regret, introspection, and steady descent back into a depressed state, and everything kind of blurs dramatically and repeats the next night. Thank you for listening, though!

@cultic Well, I couldn't actually get the mix out of my head - I must stress, more then the 'like' button I prefer to leave comments when possible, my own thoughts if you will. I chew over them, mull songs over; linger too long. The first act for me - the depression was almost choking - was pretty much perfect; I think so much so that the second act left me feeling as filled of wander as Václav. When the third scene hit, I didn't want things to repeat, so... Anyway, you're quite welcome - I'll be looking at more of your work in the future. Thank you for creating musical mixes that make me think.