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chapter two.
— the summer night is hot against your skin, humidity making your clothes stick to your chest. you're unfamiliar with the other you're kissing on, and it blurs together as birds chirp to give you rise. how did you get home? you lurk through the rooms with a hangover, bloody mary or gatorade as a choice, incapable of completely opening your eyes. half of the day is spent lounging, nursing, hurting. despite having wealth, it does nothing to cure your heartache. as the night settles you're once again bar crawling through the streets. it never really ends does it? even in this city, you've never been to this bar before... ❝ babylonia inn ❞ ...

playlist includes elo, DΞΔN, and sik-k among others.

20 tracks
7 comments on II. WHYRE R U ❞

this playlist is amazing! i love the mood of it! dark ambiance and late night trips...dude i've replayed it like three times already, thank you so much for this!! ^0^

I abosutely adore this playlist. The ambience of it is dark, dready but utterly dreamy. Nearly like on the edge of an drug related trip, buy I am aware of my surroundings. I'm able to sense and feel my emotions, but my mind is numb. I love the little sound effects, it really makes it feel like an album. Every song adds to the next. I will adore your craftsmanship and brilliance of making this so good.

@Sukizwolf that's definitely what i was going for! II. is meant to be exactly that - coupled with a hangover / sort of "i'm not sure if i'm still drunk" vibe from I. and the general theme of a depressed person numb / still in a state of shock from a breakup. hope you'll enjoy the next chapters too!