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— chapter four.
did i do something wrong? did you find someone new? i'm confused. i thought you were happy. did i become unattractive? i'll lose weight. i'll be nicer to your friends? i'll... i'll do what you wanna do, i won't complain. i love you, [bleep]. i don't want to lose you. i'm sorry if i upset you. please don't leave me. i'll do anything.

please call me back.

— you lay beside [her], who fills your bed, guilt written across your face as you stare to the ceiling. you're out of it, and the voicemail you've left... you're out of tears, so just go to sleep.

playlist includes yuna, k.vsh, and japanese wallpaper, among others.

18 tracks
4 comments on IV. UNREQUITED

honestly this is probably my favorite playlist out of the little series you've made so far and with that being said, i love all of them a lot. this one's just really nice because it's calming and chill and have lovely vocals and yeah. thank you for making this love :)

@zanyfire thank you! im glad that you like them, i enjoyed putting them together. i hope you'll enjoy the other stories i put together in the future, too! :'3